Short info
Age: 54 år (days until next birthday: 114)
Been living in: Lund and Södra Sandby
Title: Ph.D. in information technology

Welcome to my homepage!


Below is a list of the "online" services that I use on a daily basis. Check it out and you will be able to see where I am, what I'm doing etc.



@nicklase is a popular web site for "micro"-blogging. Below are my latest microblogs. But besides me, you will be able to find a lot of famous people making updates on a daily basis. Check out who I am following!

Personal blog

The blog at is what I use for my personal blogs, photos of the kids etc.


With Facebook I stay in touch with some of my friends that I don't meet that often. But of course, many of my work mates are also there and I meet them every day :-)

Cycling blog at

This blog is used for cycling only and it is only available in swedish. If you want to find the files from my training on the trainer you should take a look here: The trainer I'm using is the Tacx Fortius and in order to view the training files you may use Tacx Inspector.

Training log book at Funbeat

I use this site to store information about my training, i.e., mainly cycling and tennis.

GPS files from bike rides

All data from my Garmin Edge 705 is saved on Garmin Connect: nicklasekstrand Please note: In order to get metric units you may need to press a button/link in the upper right on the web page.

Climate blog

One of the hottest topics during 2009 was the "climate change" due to the COP15 in Copenhagen. For the Blog action day 2009: Climate change, I started a new blog to cover this topic:
Nicklas' climate blog

Member of

I'm a (paying) member of the following organizations in 2010:

I have also decided to support the following organizations for a better world:

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