I'm, since January 2006, working at Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB in Lund. It's not possible for me to disclose what I'm currently working with.

Work conducted at Tactel AB (2001-2005) have included the following:

  • Development of a Bluetooth and camera jacket for Compaq iPAQ.
  • Different projects concerning multimedia messaging (MMS) for mobile phones.
  • Mobile phone applications for GPRS and 3G (J2ME and Symbian).
  • Streaming video for mobile phones.
  • Software project manager for a synchronization (SyncML) server solution for over-the-air sync, e.g.,

The Ph.D. work at the Department of Information Technology, Lund University (1995-2001) included:

  • Research within the area of lossless data compression and source coding
  • Several published papers, one "licentiate" thesis and one Ph.D. thesis: Ph.D. publications
  • Supervision of M.Sc. thesis projects.
  • Assistant teacher in M.Sc. courses such as: source coding, cryptology, computer security and information theory.

Language skills:

  • Swedish: native
  • English: fluent

Programming skills:

  • Java: I use Java on a daily basis
  • C/C++: All programming work as a Ph.D. student was using C++
  • Other programming languages: I know a lot more and use them only if needed

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